Operating in all quietness, since 2018, Nord Raudoitus Oy is expanding towards Sweden and especially to wind power.

Konsta Lioutkovski, the 32-year old CEO of the company met his upcoming business partners Damian Wojcik and Mariusz Bogusz on a Finnish construction site in 2018 where they were all working. Konsta had noticed the lack of workers that the projects were experiencing, and they wanted to change that. After a year of serious considerations, the registration papers were delivered to the Finnish Business Information System (YTJ) in June 2018.

Durint the first year of operation the men already employed 50 workers.

During 2019 the business expanded rapidly and in addition to Finnish projects the company started getting projects in Sweden.

New people were recruited: Essi Pyykkönen as administrative assistant, Jan-Erik Hildén as head of sales and Lidia Kumpula for human resources assistant position. Also a new office was established in Vantaa. The total amount of employees rose up to 135 people.

In 2020 Nord Raudoitus Oy has matured having a total of 11 people in the offices of Vantaa and Oulu and during summer there is a total of 202 recruited personnel working in construction sites from Helsinki to Lapland and Finland to Sweden. The new office staff consist of project manager Riku Rasila for Nord Timpurit (carpenters) project, HR manager Ida Matysek, marketing assistant Minna Clare, native-level Swedish speaker Harry Söderlund and summer trainee Julia Keränen.

Sweden in sight

During the first half of 2020, Nord Raudoitus Oy has already taken part in 4 projects in Sweden. The longest ongoing project has been Brattmyrliden Windpark in Northern Sweden, where 19 wind turbines were built and anchored foundation type was used on these. The amount of steel that was used on these turbines was close to half a million kilograms.

To accommodate the increasing business scope, Nord Raudoitus Oy has established a daughter company in Sweden, Nord Armering Ab. Yesterday the company signed a contract with Byggnads, the Swedish construction workers union, Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet.

The company now holds also an auxiliary company name Nord Wind, to stronger profile itself towards the wind power markets.

We are very fortunate, that people seem to want to come to work for us. This has made us very happy, as this is the way we initially started recruiting our first workers, they just called us and wanted to work for us, smiles Konsta Lioutkovski.

The video has subtitles in English.